Product/Co-op Research

Feedback demonstrates that the Greater Lansing area still wants a food co-op to service our community. This committee will focus on what products we can carry to enhance the probability of this being a success.

Study trends, survey results, etc. to determine what products we should prioritize, figure out what models are successful, what unique models serve diverse populations, how co-ops succeed, etc.
Product/Co-op Research Google Folder (Currently unavailable)


Notes from Visioning Meeting

Make unavailable items available: Concentrate on offering products otherwise unavailable in area, such as vegan and vegetarian products.

Ethnic and cultural diversity: sell foods based on the ethnic and cultural wishes of community and shoppers generally.

Education: make sure shoppers understand why we carry the products we do.

Provide kitchen space so people can, for example, prepare food for an entire week.

Bulk buying education

    • Help single people to purchase and use bulk products.

CSAs: be a drop off center for CSAs.

Expiring food items: figure out how to make the best use of them:

    • Contact local food pantries
    • Composting

Other Ideas:

- Local is critical
- Disclosure of product origins
- Get things @ co-op can’t get elsewhere
- Donation of past due foods
- Kitchen to prepare food yourself - family/single serving
- Consumers aging baby-boomers, single, healthy foods needed
- Food desert areas
- How to cook good foods
- CSA Intermediary for regional farmers (liaison with farmers markets)
- Re: CSA - near spoiled food intake?
- Reuse of products that don’t sell and use in the deli
- Obtain surplus foods from vendors at local farm markets
- Buyers Club for bulk purchasing
- Kombucha or local beer on tap
- Coop to food pantry interactions?
- Bulk foods and special ordering
- hyper local options
- Community kitchen to certify food for retail sale
- Volunteer driven deli products, sold throughout Lansing area
- Local organic certification education for farmers?
- Sell foods different people want: ethnically/culturally diverse
- Special dietary needs/preferences: vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free

- Contact Bath Farmers Market for suppliers and possibly volunteers community connections Janet and Mark Allen - growers East