We have noticed our support base could use more diversity

Reach out to find out the needs of our whole community and how we can best serve. No matter your skin tone, gender, language, religion, nationality, etc we welcome you here.

Diversity Google Folder (Currently unavailable)

Notes from the Visioning Meeting

Locate store in an area with a diverse community of people.

Canvass community to see what they want to co-op to carry/do. Contact:

    • faith-based organizations
    • schools
    • food banks

Create an inviting storefront that clearly welcomes everyone.

    • use a logo instead of “co-op” wording, which not everyone understands

Offer classes to educate local people who want to learn about buying, cooking, and     eating nutritious foods

Hold community dinners

Other Ideas
- Volunteering through deli
- Certified kitchen to bring community members cook - sell our retail
- Not necessarily owners, but shoppers (order things)
- St. Stephan’s Church months raw food potluck advertise
- Have food that diverse communities want
- Cooking classes or community dinners in food desserts (use ingredients from local stores)
- Culture specific recipes
- Available ingredients
- Anti-oppression orgs that may be referenceable: ERACCE (Eliminating Racism and Celebrating and Claiming Equality); AAORTA (from California) anti-oppression group
- Non-physical locations: Food pantries; visibility; marketing; healing centers
- Connecting with faith based communities
- School outreach: gardening and cooking class/club; changing eating habits (food & recipe)
- Connecting with local growers and producers
- hyper-local buying clubs within individual communities