Commuter Friendly

On the survey question, "In what form can we best serve you (either now or as a goal for the future)? Please select all that apply." 61.1% of respondents selected "Commuter friendly (walkable, bikeable, on bus lines, etc.)", which is the highest item selected for that question.

Identify how much money we need for commuter accessibility in our business plan, can the city/organizations assist with not yet in existence bike paths/lanes, identify partner organizations for bike share, work with building committee to ensure there is bike/car parking, etc.
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Notes from Visioning Meeting

  • Provide economic incentives (e.g., 5% discount) for shoppers who bike, bus, walk, etc. to co-op)
  • Provide equipment for carrying/hauling purchases from store, such as cargo trailers or wagons. Wagons might require a deposit to ensure their return.
  • Promote bus usage by posting current bus schedules as well as location of nearest bus stops (including directions on how to find bus stops)
  • Hanging bike racks
  • Signage for nearby walkable attractions