Reimagining ELFCO

Thank you to all the wonderful specialists, owners and community members who participated in our Cooperative Community Design Event tonight, March 26th!

Building a new vision for ELFCO!


Transformation Plan

In cooperation, we are moving forward with plans to figure out what is next for ELFCO. Based on your input from the January 8th Owners Meeting and the Cooperative CommUNITY Food Survey, we formed committees to further refine ideas and structure the planning process. Let's keep this momentum going! Please contact the chair/s of any committee/s you wish to be added to. Thank you so very much for all your support!


Community Meeting Notes

Notes from the March 26, Cooperative Community Design Event can be found here.

For notes from the February 26, Visioning Meeting follow this link.

Here is a brief summary of the results from the Cooperative CommUNITY Food Survey.




Comprehensive Update (January 31, 2017)

We are inspired by the level of participation and interest in the future of our co-op. Board, staff, and owners have been working to determine a business framework that is economically feasible and in line with the co-op's mission.

The East Lansing store ceased operations Saturday, January 28. Our co-op is still intact. The building has not been sold yet. One offer was made, we counter-offered higher, and we await the response. The Board approved the retention of a small staff for 12 weeks. Their duties include selling and closing the store, determining the value of our assets for possible sale, assisting the Board with the transition, and communicating with owners and the community (mainly through this website and our facebook page).

Here are some major steps we have taken so far:

  1. We are in the process of negotiating the sale of our building. Check our website for updates on the sale.
  2. We launched a community-wide survey. The deadline to respond is midnight, February 19. So far, we have received 100+ responses! ? Thank you to those who have participated! One of our owners, a professional actuary, has volunteered to help us analyze the results.
  3. We have planned a visioning meeting to be held on February 26th, and a charrette to be held on March 26th. Venues TBA. The meetings will be facilitated by an experienced volunteer.
  4. We are researching grant possibilities and have volunteers willing to help us apply for them.
  5. We are looking into the space available adjacent to the Allen Neighborhood Center as a potential site for relocation, and are lining up other relocation possibilities as well.

The Board has set biweekly meetings for February 6th & 20th and March 6th & 20th from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The February meetings will take place at the storefront. We will let you know where the March meetings will be held.

It's not lost on us that this is an uphill climb, but we will persevere. We hope to avoid some of the errors we have made in the past while building on the momentum generated at recent Board and owner meetings. Keep the ideas flowing; we are listening! Thanks so much for your support!