Reimagining ELFCO

Thank you to all the wonderful specialists, owners, and community members who participated in our Cooperative Community Design Event on March 26, 2017 and our Visioning meeting on February 26, 2017!

Community Meeting Notes

Notes from the March 26, Cooperative Community Design Event can be found here.

For notes from the February 26, Visioning Meeting follow this link.

Here is a brief summary of the results from the Cooperative CommUNITY Food Survey.



The following committees were formed as the result of the survey in February, as well as from the community meetings referred to above. Thanks to all who signed up for one or more of them! Although these committees are now inactive as we reconsider the future, we hope that some of them will be revived and rejuvenated should owners decide to move forward with another project at the meeting on December 2, 2017.