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The East Lansing Food Co-op began as a buying club in the 1970s and incorporated with 30 members in 1976.  This small group was looking for healthy foods that they couldn’t find in stores at that time—foods like organic produce and whole grains. They were also looking for a business model that put people before profits. In 2016 we celebrated our 40th anniversary! Thanks to all the owners and other shoppers who made this possible!

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Archived ELFCO Updates and Messages from the Board of Directors

January 2017

1) On January 8 at 2 p.m. at the Allen Neighborhood Center, ELFCO owners voted to sell the building we own and occupy. We will begin discussions on what the next phase of ELFCO will be. The process of re-imagining our co-op has already begun, and we look forward to hearing your ideas.

2) Sadly, the ELFCO Board was obliged to vote on Monday, January 2 to close the store on or before February 4th. In the meantime, we are still in business and urge owners and non-owners alike to come shop with us and support the food co-op.

3) Our co-op is expected to go forward and pursue new ways to meet our mission after the storefront closes, regardless of the vote by owners on the sale of the building.

The East Lansing Food Cooperative (ELFCO) is going through a major transition, and you, our owners, need to provide direction on how we address ELFCO's financial problems.

We will also begin the process of re-imagining ELFCO to continue to meet our purposes and the needs of our community. Please join us to participate in this important discussion about what is next for ELFCO!

*Background materials and proposed motions found here, check back for updates.

Questions? Please email board@elfco.coop or leave a message in the store.