The ELFCO Board is elected by the owners to exercise oversight on their behalf. Each Board member serves a three-year term. The Board is responsible for visioning and long-term planning, oversight of the general manager through policy governance, and communication with the owners. Contact all current Board members at

Current Board Members:

President: Stephen Gasteyer: Term Expires: 4/2021 - Candidate Statement
Vice President: Marshall Clabeaux - Term expires: 4/2019 - Candidate Statement
Secretary: Michele Bridges - Term Expires: 4/2020 - Candidate Statement
Treasurer: John Reich - Term expires: 4/2021 - Candidate Statement
Steve Andre - Term Expires: 4/2018  - Candidate Statement
Chris Bardenhagen - Term Expires: 4/2020 - Candidate Statement
David Reyes-Gastelum - Term expires 4/2019 - Nomination Statement


2017 Board Members: 

Yelena Kalinsky, Heidi Porter, Lily Woodruff, John Reich, Julia Kramer, Michele Bridges, Bekki Hosford, Marshall Clabeaux, Chris Bardenhagen

2016 Board Members:

Anne Woiwode, John Reich, Bekki Hosford, Julia Kramer, Danny Ritter, and Devesh Poddar

2015 Board Members:

Anne Woiwode, John Reich, Kristin Bieda, Cristina Benton and Bekki Hosford


2014 Board Members:

Jessica Kelton, Anne Woiwode, Cristina Benton, Kristin Bieda, Dave Johnson, Ray Kamalay, and Erick Williams


 2013 Board Members:

Anne Woiwode, Bob Lovell, Cristina Benton, Dave Johnson, Jessica Kelton, Mike Farrell, and Phil Howard.

2012 Board Members:

Back Row: Michael Benedict, Bob Lovell, Phil Howard, Dave Johnson
Front Row: Anne Woiwode, Cristina Benton, Ray Kamalay