Owner benefits

Everyone can shop at the co-op, but as an owner you enjoy special benefits, including:

  • Owner Appreciation 10% Discount Day once a month on the day of your choosing*
  • Monthly owner specials throughout the store
  • Discounts on special orders
  • A senior discount if you are 63 or older
  • A vote in board elections and on co-op issues
  • Own an equal share in the co-op along with more than 3,000 others

*Cannot be combined with other owner discounts. Excludes alcohol, milk, and special orders.

How to become an owner

The ELFCO Board of Directors passed a new policy in January 2015, raising the equity requirement to $240 per share. Each share will be held in the name of one person only and give the shareholder the right to name one additional non-voting shopper to their share.

If you pay the entire $240 at once, you will qualify for an incentive ELFCO gift card, currently valued at $24 - use it yourself, or give it to a friend who might want to try out the co-op! Alternatively, you can start the installment plan of $20 each month until the equity requirement is reached.

For more information or to sign up today, visit the store and ask any cashier!


Current owners with questions about the new equity system may find answers here.

Further questions? Please email our Owner Services Director at

Bylaws 2014

Current owners with new contact information

Have you changed your address, phone number or email? Please contact the Owner Services Director at so that we can stay in touch with important information about your co-op! Please include your full name, owner #, current address and phone number with all inquires.