Our Mission

Transform Society by:

  • Providing affordable healthy foods
  • Supporting local producers
  • Gathering community
  • Educating eaters
  • Practicing sustainability
  • Supporting cooperative principles


In the statements below, you will find the goals and purposes which have guided ELFCO through its four decade-long journey. Although we are now in the process of transforming and will make some practical changes, our overall goals and purposes will continue to shape the future. ELFCO Mission and Ends Statement

ELFCO exists so that our community is healthy, diverse, and thriving. Our mission is to help maintain the area's economy by buying local produce and other products, and to support environmental sustainability and social justice. Your shopping dollars directly support a local, community-owned venture and, in turn, numerous other local businesses whose products we offer.

As a natural food grocer, ELFCO offers organic produce, milk and meats. We have a wide selection of frozen food, bulk items, coffees and teas, spices, wholesome packaged and convenience foods, and more. Our health and body care department offers vitamins, herbs, and other supplements. We also carry many hard-to-find items for special dietary needs.

Everyone is welcome to shop at the co-op! Those who choose to become owners enjoy numerous options for involvement and saving money.

ELFCO always aims to be:

  1. Hyper-Local: ELFCO prioritizes local products and services. By having our local farmers and artisans ship direct to our store, instead of a distribution center, ELFCO is hyper-local.  ELFCO’s Board of Directors, management team and staff are your next door neighbors.  We stock local products that fit our members’ vision and values.
  2. Environmentally Responsible: ELFCO supports sustainably produced goods that are healthier for you, our community and the environment. The co-op also has a recycling and composting program (for all of our food waste), solar panels (see here), energy-saving coolers, re-usable bulk container shopping, and more.
  3. A Fair Trade Partner: ELFCO aims to pay its farmers and other vendors fairly. The co-op believes in fair trade goods and supports community issues that promote fairness and peace to all.
  4. Engaged with Our Community: The co-op builds healthy relationships in the community, promotes nutrition through education, and contributes to a vibrant economy through support of local businesses, charities, and organizations.
  5. Affordable:  Co-op deals, buying via the bulk department or special ordering helps defray cost.  The store works towards having its owner equity and costs at a reasonable price.  There are many ways to reduce the costs you pay for our high-quality products.
  6. An Alternative to Corporate Chains: ELFCO is an alternative to big box corporations.
  7.  Honest: ELFCO works to be transparent about business practices, growing practices, organic and non-GMO certification and business decisions affecting their owners and customers.
  8.  Democratic: The co-op tries its best to foster participation and empower individual owners to participate in the greater co-op movement and the direction of the store.
  9. Authentic: ELFCO offers participation, healthy goods and customer service. Other companies have jumped on the healthy/sustainable/customer-oriented bandwagon just because it’s trendy, where ELFCO has offered these practices for decades.
  10. Accessible: Everyone is welcome at ELFCO. The store works to keep owner share prices and product prices accessible to everyone. The sales in the store are a big draw.