Everyone is welcome! Your shopping dollars directly support a local, community-owned venture and, in turn, numerous other local businesses whose products we offer. Those who purchase a share and become owners enjoy numerous options for involvement and saving money. We look forward to your visit!



Join us for ELFCO 2020 to discuss our co-op's future!

The ELFCO Board of Directors is hosting an open event on Monday, July 20 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm at Grand Traverse Pie Company on Grand River Ave. RSVP and find out more at our Facebook event. Anyone is welcome!


We are now accepting additional equity from current owners, as well as signing up new owners! Your investment will not only help us face the challenges of increased competition in the short term, but also support our growth into the future. THANK  YOU!

More information about the new equity system here.

Co-op Deals Flyer:

Get the latest Co-op Deals Flyer here!
Get the latest Co-op Deals Flyer here!









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