Welcome to the East Lansing Food Co-op!

ELFCO's storefront closed on January 28th, but we are actively pursuing a reimagining and transformation of ELFCO with the goal of reopening in a way that serves the greater Lansing community while promoting cooperative values, local products and sustainability. Please join us!  For more information see below and check out our Reimagining ELFCO page.

A Brief Transformation Update:

  1. We are excited to announce that we closed on the Northwind Drive building on Tuesday, May 16th. We will be carrying capital forward from the sale of the building, though much more fundraising will be needed to open a new storefront.
  2. Our temporary office is located at 780 W Lake Lansing Road, Suite #600 in East Lansing. Our phone number (517.337.1266) is the same as before. We can also be reached via email, which can be found on our Contact Us page.
  3. The Board and staff met with two consultants from SBDC (Small Business Development Center) Monday, May 15th for feedback on the business plan. Next on the agenda is the creation of an updated pro-forma, and work on fundraising.
  4. The Board passed a motion on May 1, 2017 to focus on the building space at Shepard and Kalamazoo streets as the most likely new store location at this time. This location is in the same building as the Allen Neighborhood Center on the Eastside of Lansing. We toured and received a quote from one other prospective store location. Our GM looked at many other locations as well.
  5. Notes from the Transformation meetings can be found on our Reimagining ELFCO page.

We look forward to the future of our co-op, and thank you for your feedback guiding us! Thank you for all your support!


Next Board Meeting:

Tuesday, September 5, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Location: 1629 E Kalamazoo, Lansing, MI  48912

Usually meetings are held at Allen Neighborhood Center, 1629 E Kalamazoo St, Lansing, Michigan 48912.

Once you are inside the building, you'll usually find us in the classroom at the back of the building. The parking lot is off of Shepard Street.

We are delighted to announce our 2017 Board of Directors:

Yelena Kalinsky (President) - Term Expires: 4/2020*

Heidi Porter (Vice President) - Term expires: 4/2018

Lily Woodruff (Secretary) - Term Expires: 4/2020*

John Reich (Treasurer) - Term expires: 4/2018

Julia Kramer - Term expires: 4/2019

Michele Bridges - Term Expires: 4/2020*

Marshall Clabeaux - Term expires: 4/2019*

Chris Bardenhagen - Term Expires: 4/2018*

Thank you to those who voted and came to the Annual Meeting!  Thank you & Congratulations to the new/re-elected Board members! (*)  Thank you to Anne Woiwode, our now former Board President, who devoted a whole lot of time and effort to our co-op!