Everyone is welcome! Your shopping dollars directly support a local, community-owned venture and, in turn, numerous other local businesses whose products we offer. Those who purchase a share and become owners enjoy numerous options for involvement and saving money. We look forward to your visit!

Next Board Meeting is Monday, November 7th at 7pm. All owners are encouraged to attend! The agenda will be posted here prior to the meeting.

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ELFCO is commUNITY-powered! Select one or more of the following ways you can be an ELFCO Advocate. We are stronger together!

  1. Tell your friends about ELFCOand your family, and your neighbors too! Talk about your co-op at work, at a neighborhood event, or just with a friend over coffee. Better yet, bring them in the next time you’re out and about together. Our location can be a little tricky to find, so showing people where we’re located is a big help! Assure them they do not have to be an owner to shop here!
  2. You can also share your love of ELFCO by:
    • sharing a story about your experience on social media
    • liking and sharing our posts on Facebook
    • following us on Twitter and Instagram
    • writing an opinion piece for a local newspaper
    • writing reviews on social media or customer review sites (such as Yelp)
    • wearing an ELFCO t-shirt when you’re out and about in the Lansing area
    • explaining why it is mutually beneficial to support co-ops. For help with this, go to www.strongertogether.coop/food-coops/food-co-op-impact-study
    • Please share these ways elfco-supports-community!
  3. Shop often—Make ELFCO a regular part of your routine. We’re open from 9am-9pm Monday through Saturday, and 10am-8pm on Sunday. Every dollar counts during this critical time, so if each of us commits to spending just a few extra dollars at the co-op it will make a huge difference. Take full advantage of your owner benefits: the 5% daily discount, monthly 10% discount, great sales, and special order opportunities.
  4. Stop here first—Begin your shopping day at the co-op before heading to the “big box” stores. That way you can shop our great Co+op Deals ad, see what’s new, and get some inspiration for your menu planning. You can find the Co-op Deals sales flyer at www.elfco.coop if you want to plan ahead. We even carry insulated bags to keep things cool while you do your other shopping. Need help with getting your groceries to the car? We’ll gladly help when you’re ready, just ask!
  5. Add one more thing to the list of items you normally purchase at ELFCO. It might seem like a tiny thing to start buying your shampoo, bananas, toilet paper, or ice cream here, but if everyone made this small commitment, it would make a big difference. Try something new! Ask us about our favorite local products, snacks, etc. or place a special order!
  6. Take the Owner Surveys! We need your feedback and value your insights. Please take a moment now and help us determine the best path forward for the store. May survey available here. August survey available here. September survey available here.
  7. Give your feedback in person! Come to our Board meetings and give ideas that will help shape the store now, and in the future! The Board meetings are held the first Monday of each month at 7pm (or in the event of a holiday, the second Monday of the month. See our event calendar). Can’t make it to the meeting but have ideas or feedback you would like to get to our Board members? They can be reached at Board@elfco.coop.
  8. Partner your organization or business with ELFCO: Do you have an event you'd like us to add to our community calendar? Would you like us to speak to your group about eating in a healthy, holistic, and environmentally sustainable way? Contact our Outreach Coordinator, Shiloh Daum at shiloh@elfco.coop.
  9. Keep up with the latest ELFCO news in a variety of ways:
    • Make sure we have your latest contact info.
    • Sign up for the ELFCO Weekly Update at the bottom of this page.
    • Look through our website where you can find loads of info about the co-op.
  10. Community Connections-- If you would like to volunteer to help keep ELFCO afloat by doing outreach, please contact Shiloh, our Outreach Coordinator, at shiloh@elfco.coop

Thank you so much for your continued support and efforts!

We can save our co-op if we work in CO-OPeration and commUNITY!

(Adapted from our friends at Greentree Co-op. Check them out while you're in Mt. Pleasant!)



Celebrating 40 years of supporting local food!

Thank you so much to those who joined us Saturday, September 17th, starting at 11am, for a day of local festivities! We had a fun time sampling food, enjoying music, listening to speakers, watching a co-op film outside, and celebrating commUNITY! We really appreciate your presence and support!

If you missed it, here is what we had offered...

-Zingermans 12-4pm

-Oh Mi Organics chocolate 11am-2pm

-Wine sampling!

-Pretty Shaky String Band
-Bone Dawgie

-Janet Allen, PhD, RN, author of "Spiritual Effects of Live Food" and "Raw Seasons", ELFCO owner & owner of Hygieia Homestead presents: The Cause of Wellness – A Series of Talks on Healing Yourself through Diet. "Spiritual Effects of Live Food" will be available for purchase and author signing.

-Nicholas Morgan, Naturopathic Doctor and founder of The Center for Integrative Wellness presents: Food Addiction

-Everybody Reads is coming to sell books! 100% of the proceeds will go to ELFCO! 11am-5pm

-Playmakers will do a Good Form Walking/Running clinic at 4pm

-#4for40ELFCO wagon drawing

-Coupon giveaways
- Documentary Screening of "Food for Change" at 8pm (weather permitting)

-Our party is on the PEACE QUEST 2016 list of festivities

More in depth information on the presentations:

11am Talk # 1 of The Cause of Wellness with Janet Allen: Physical Healing

Through her own lifestyle changes, Janet healed herself of arthritis and psoriasis and has seen others reverse more serious diagnoses, such as diabetes. In her talks on natural healing, she presents relevant up-to-date research on the connection between diet and physical healing of many specific health problems. She provides clear dietary guidelines and suggestions for self-healing of the physical body. As Dr. Allen likes to say: “The best way to detox your body is to quit toxing it.”

12pm Food Addiction Presentation by Dr. Nicholas Morgan, Naturopathic Doctor

Do you have a healthy relationship with food? Food is life giving and can prevent disease, slow aging, restore energy, and promote overall well-being. However, the Standard American Diet is full of unhealthy options. You are not struggling with eating because of lack self-control. The Standard American Diet is addictive by design. Learn 3 skills to help you stop the downward spiral of food addiction.

1pm Talk # 2 of The Cause of Wellness with Janet Allen: Emotional Healing

Perhaps surprisingly, when the physical body is detoxified, emotional wounds tend to come to the surface to be examined and healed as well. In this talk more advanced dietary advice is given for facilitating understanding and forgiveness of unresolved emotions which leads to healing on both physical and emotional levels. Besides diet there are other means of reaching the subconscious mind.

2pm Drawing of #4for40ELFCO Advocate Challenge - Woodstock wagon winner 

3pm Talk # 3 of The Cause of Wellness with Janet Allen: Mental Healing

Along the healing path a person willing to make dietary changes will also find they are blessed with more clarity of mind. The mind is under our conscious control, of course, but often we repeat the same untrue statements to ourselves until our bodies believe it (such as getting older means getting sick). Further dietary improvements are suggested as well as exercises and ideas to assist the person to become aware of their own erroneous beliefs and habits of speaking.

4pm Good Form Walking/Running presentation by DJ McMillan of Playmakers

Based on the findings from the development of Good Form Running, combined with further discussion, exploration, practice and implementation, Good Form Walking (GFW) evolved as a method to help walkers of all ages and abilities move forward more efficiently and healthier. Learning the three simple components of GFW can help people to walk without injury, with a well-balanced stride and with renewed vigor. GFW instruction has helped hundreds of people walk better, farther, and more frequently!


Good Form Running (GFR) is a running technique focused on simplicity developed by the founders of Playmakers, Curt Munson and John Benedict and former Olympic runner Grant Robison. It is a product of years of teaching clinics, reading books and articles, studying running form philosophies, and numerous years of learning through trial and error. Instead of a complex biomechanical analysis, GFR focuses on 3 simple, essential steps focused on running light and easy. With simplicity as a primary philosophy, GFR has positively reached thousands of runners since 2006.

In 2010 GFR partnered with New Balance, enabling GFR to rise to new levels of development and reach national and international audiences.

GFR's basic philosophy encourages one very simple mantra: RUN FASTER. RUN EASIER. RUN HEALTHIER.


5pm Talk # 4 of The Cause of Wellness with Janet Allen: Spiritual Healing

Finally, Janet suggests that a natural diet can also lead to spiritual awareness that is more difficult to achieve in a toxic body. Meditation is more challenging when one is in pain. Spending time and worry on illness distracts a person from realizing their true self—in tune with all of life. “Nature has provided us healing for free if we will but get out of the way,” she says.

8pm Documentary screening of "Food for Change" (weather permitting)

Here's the trailer: http://foodforchange.coop/trailer/


We are so excited to be part of the festivities of the PEACE QUEST 2016! The Greater Lansing United Nations Association, Peace Education Center, and Michigan Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence are working with houses of worship, schools and other nonprofit organizations to organize 10 days of activities which will emphasize the importance of peace to all.

More information on this wonderful celebration is here: http://peacequestgreaterlansing.org/



The City of East Lansing presented ELFCO with a Crystal Award at its 2016 ceremony on April 21. The award acknowledges the co-op’s many contributions to the community, from providing delicious, nutritious food to supporting dozens of local growers and suppliers to operating its store in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way. See ELFCO’s bio at the city’s web site: http://www.cityofeastlansing.com/1749/10938/2016-Recipient-Bios

Also a thank you to the Meridian Township Environmental Commission for awarding ELFCO a 2016 Environmental Stewardship Award!

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